Ceylon Cinnamon Quills


Single Origin Ceylon Cinnamon Naturally Processed by Ralahami Plantation.

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Cinnamomum Verum is only grown in Sri Lanka, and is different from the inferior Cinnamomum Cassia due to the inner bark of the tropical tree being dried producing more delicate flavours with citrus, floral and clove notes giving a definite sweater taste and superior aroma. Commonly used in cooking to add flavour and to extract and deliver the health benefits.

The spice gathered from the inner bark of the Cinnamon Tree is used as food preservatives, a flavour enhancer, and herbal medicine remedy for colds & flu, digestive problems.
Once the stem is harvested it must be processed immediately by scraping off the outer bark, then beating the bark evenly until the inner bark is loose and then dried causing the strips to curling into rolls creating Quills, which can be grinded for fine powder.

Commonly sited health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon are remarkable, ranging from Cinnamon Medicinal purposes dating back to Ancient Times helping control Blood Sugar, Cancer Preventative, Odour Neutraliser, Cognitive Development, Anti Oxidant, Weight Reduction, Arthritis Relief, Lowering Low Density Lipoproteins Cholesterol and Controlling Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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